Who We Are?

Our Mission

To provide the latest security technology in a dynamic world with exceptional service at a mutually beneficial cost.

Our accreditations

Our Story

Incorporated in June 2010 by Jason Thomas, Stuart Townsend and Neil O’Donnell. Each member with various but complimentory skill sets. Initially operating out of Jasons parents house where we enjoyed many board room meetings in their swimming pool during quiet days.

We then moved to Caerphilly to an office which was kindly subsidised by J Manny autodoors who we worked with in our early days. The early years consisted mostly of sub-contracting to national companies while we grew our own customer base. 

We were very busy but were not earning a reasonable wage so we made the difficult decision to cut back on sub-contracting to try and expand the business. Fortunately, we have some incredible clients who we have built excellent relationships with who we continue to serve today.

In 2014 we relocated to Cardiff to our current location in Clifton House close to Cardiff City Centre. We continued to grow steadily and develop our team while the CCTV industry migrated to a predominantly IP based infrastructure, resulting in a siginficant shift in our focus and learning of emerging technologies.

2018 saw Jason move to the slightly sunnier climates of West Wales so sadly left the company, although remains a friend and keeps in touch. Fortunately, he bestowed much of his unique knowledge during his years with us so his departure didn’t adversely affect our support of the systems he specialised in.

Covid struck in 2021 and we slowed down for a while as everything shut down, but were again lucky that some of our clients still needed support so they carried us through this difficult time. 

Since then we have bounced back to normal and continue to grow with our customers. We would like to thank all of our customers, staff, suppliers and friends we have made along the way and wish good health and prosperity to all who have accompanied us on our journey so far and for the future.

Our Core Values