access control

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Access Control including Door Entry Systems

Access control systems serve to restrict or control access to an area. Access control is commonly used on commercial sites to control access to different areas, such as offices, workshops, accounting etc. People use credentials, typically a card or fob, to unlock a door to an otherwise restricted area. We currently maintain systems of 100+ doors connected across multiple sites and locations.

Door entry systems are typically used for smaller sites, sometimes just a single door. Often with audio/video intercom features so that visitors can make a call to the site manager who can remotely allow access.

Many things can be used as a credential to allow a person or vehicle into a secure area, such as proximity card/fob, pin code, keyfob, mobile phone, biometric (fingerprint/facial recognition), vehicle licence plate, or combinations for added security.

We install Paxton, Videx, HID, Honeywell, Vanderbilt, Nortech, PAC, Hikvision, Comelit, 2N and more